At DAY CPM, we capitalize on our greatest strengths for a collaborative, coordinated and well executed implementation of strategic planning. Our attention to detail and ability to anticipate, foresee and resolve project conflicts gives us the opportunity to bring your project from an idea and blueprints to an integral and sustainable part of the community, on time and within budget.

“This team is extremely ethical and honest in all of their dealings with the owners, constructors, designers (Arch/Eng), and the Federal, State, and Local agencies with whom they are involved. All of their dealings have been of the highest professional standards which is what we expected from DAY CPM services.”
— Harold D. "Hal" Prichett, Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

Honesty & Integrity
We believe in transparency. With open communication and truthful feedback, we achieve clear direction and are left with no surprises, for ourselves or our clients.

Trust & Accountability
We stake our reputation on timeliness and ability. Our clients choose us initially based on our experience and know-how, and come to rely on us further to wisely manage their budgets, scope and schedules.  

Our responsible management, reliable leadership, responsive communication, and analytical strategies allow us to manage projects efficiently and protect our clients' best interests. Our unwavering dedication to your vision, deadline and budgets gives us the ability to deliver quality results.