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Multnomah County Central Courthouse 

DAY CPM is currently providing comprehensive Owner's Representative Services and managing the process for Multnomah County's new courthouse within the City Central area of Portland, Oregon. DAY is overseeing contracts for design, construction, and other administrative duties related to the project. The work involves intensive site selection, blocking and stacking studies along with the design and construction of a 461,000-square foot, 44 courtroom courthouse. This project is being delivered in a Collaborative Delivery Method (CPD) utilizing CM/GC delivery model. 

The courthouse, originally constructed between 1909 and 1914 is functionally obsolete and does not meet modern seismic codes, placing it at high risk in the event of an earthquake. DAY's job is to assist with comprehensive Project Management overview to support the replacement of the State's busiest courthouse. Multiple stakeholders in the project include Multnomah County, Oregon State Department of Justice, and the State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS). 

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Client: Multnomah County
Location: Portland, OR
Project Budget: $324.5M
Completion: Scheduled for 2020

This animated video shows the four-year construction sequence for Multnomah County's new Central Courthouse in one minute. The courthouse is scheduled to open in 2020. Prepared by Hoffman Construction Company.