2016 OAME Youth Conference

Several DAY CPM staff volunteered at the annual Youth Entrepreneurship Conference which was sponsored by OAME on August 11, 2016. 

DAY’s mentorship supported the students and helped them develop hands-on business skills. Students were assigned to a group which included a mentor to assist by giving advice and support when asked and to help keep teams focused to reach attainable goals. The all-day session encouraged students to develop financial and marketing plans as well as logos for a new start-up company. At the end of the day the students were asked to give a presentation about their company. 

Below are testimonials from DAY CPM staff who attended. 

"We provided guidance during the few 'quiet moments' but I tried to keep a low profile allowing them the satisfaction of arriving at their own solutions.  At the end of the day I was astounded at the creativity and thought that each individual contributed and moreover the sense of pride and “fun competition” in each of their faces."  DAY CPM Senior Project Manager, Glenn Schnaidt. 

“It was an engaging afternoon with the students and I was very humbled & impressed by the passion and willingness to step outside there comfort zones and be stretched to do something new.  Watching the students collaborate and work together to engage in critical thinking and problem solving was very rewarding. These types of experiences will hopefully spark new interests with these young men and women and will become to fabric of leadership that shapes our community in the decades to come.”  DAY CPM President, Mike Day. 

"It was a great morning! Our team engaged quickly, sharing and expressing their thoughts and ideas. As soon as they’d chosen their path forward, they were energized and were off running!!
They came together as a team embracing this totally new experience, solving problems, making decisions and using their individual strengths to keep moving forward. I witnessed such enthusiasm, willingness to learn, focus and satisfaction at what they had accomplished.
For me, our team epitomized the next generation of leaders who step up, take responsibility and help guide success in our community and a place for everyone in it."  DAY CPM Senior Project Manager, Charles Matschek. 

Link to OAME article: http://oame.org/2016-youth-conference-was-a-success/