Otak Inc and DAY CPM Sponsor WEA Transportation Month

Otak Inc, in partnership with DAY CPM, is excited to be sponsoring The Westside Economic Alliance's "Transportation Month". During the month of September WEA is focusing on ways to capitalize on better transportation resources within the community. 

Throughout the month of September, there will be several meetings and conference to discuss the current transportation systems as well as future implementations throughout the community. Discussion of building and funding a world-class transportation system in hopes of better connecting people with their jobs will be one of the main objectives. 

Guest speakers from numerous companies and departments will be meeting at the WEA Transportation Conference September, 20th, 2017 at the Beaverton Building. 

Confirmed speakers and panelists include:

John Porcari, former deputy secretary of USDOT & now with WSP;
Oregon Department of Transportation's Matt Garrett;
Washington's Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar;
Washington County Commissioner Roy Rogers; 
From the Governor's office, Karmen Fore;
Angelo Planning Group's Frank Angelo;
DHM's John Horvick;
ECONorthwest's John Tapogna;
Kittelson & Associates' Abby D. Morgan, PD, PE; 
Metro's Andy Shaw;
Otak's Chuck Green; 
The Street Trust's Jillian Detweiler;
And Urban.Systems' Ken Motler.

For further information about this event, or to register, please check out the WEA Transportation Alliance Conference Page