We are the Owner's Representative.
Comprehensive management skills drive us to go beyond everyday oversight. DAY CPM serves as an independent advocate for the owner. As an additional set of eyes and ears between the design team and builders, we successfully manage our client’s budget, scope, and time.

We provide full ownership support.
DAY CPM’s all-inclusive work allows clients to focus on their own priorities, while we take care of the rest. Being familiar with everyone from engineers to manufacturers, we keep the project aligned, in-sync and running smoothly.

We know that a building is about more than just construction.
Understanding how a building ultimately needs to function for the people who will work there and use the space is critical. In some buildings, security will be paramount; in others, work flow efficiency rules. Our expertise in managing a wide array of building types allows us to fine-tune our services to match our clients’ needs.

We’re there at the end, too.
Our job is not done just because construction is complete. Even after the occupancy permit is issued, we stay to assist with the move-in and make sure the building’s systems work properly. If needed, we also offer facility management support.

Responsive • Reliable • Responsible


Photo: Green roof on OHSU CLSB Tower.