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Port of Tillamook Bay Bond Program 

DAY CPM acted as Owner’s Representative for the Port of Tillamook Bay’s (POTB) plan for a massive overhaul of its Industrial Park. Part of the DAY CPM scope was to provide analysis and recommendations to the Port on best ways to execute its Bond Program. 

The Bond Program originated, in part, from significant damage to the Port’s railroad line in 2007. In lieu of using federal funds to repair/restore the damaged rail line, the Port elected to use the money to improve and construct new facilities under the FEMA Alternative Funding program. 

Eighteen different projects took place within the Port of Tillamook Bay Industrial Park. The Port plan included the remodel or renovation of several existing structures, construction of new facilities, and general infrastructure improvements. Each of these projects involved its own set of complexities and required individual pre-design planning, budgeting and schedule management. Similarly, each project demanded attention to permitting requirements, quality assurance, construction oversight, and public outreach.

Among the innovative new projects was a facility that included a manufacturing building, hangar and multi-story observation tower. This complex was leased to Near Space Corporation which manufactures and tests suborbital research balloons for NASA and other government agencies.

DAY CPM oversaw all 18 projects, and helped streamline scheduling and coordination.

Client: Port of Tillamook Bay
Location: Tillamook, OR
Project Budget: $44.6 Million
Completion: Spring 2014