DAY CPM makes every effort to achieve the highest level of appropriate and cost-effective sustainable strategies for each project. We continually work towards influencing design and construction techniques to improve buildings while minimizing the effect on the environment. We take a holistic view of sustainability and look beyond the scorecard with an integrative, collaborative team mentality.  

DAY CPM believes that sustainability mandates that we must aim for a higher level of quality and integrity in how we conduct business. Listed below are six major initiatives that we have championed as part of our sustainable philosophy: 

  1. We use recycled materials
  2. We recycle all recyclable materials
  3. We utilize public transit
  4. We use paperless document sharing and cloud-computing
  5. We promote electronic deliverables
  6. We no longer need to be office-bound, our team works seamlessly & productively on the move

DAY CPM works hard to promote green & sustainable buildings. Above are some of the rankings our projects have achieved.